Our next Super Series will commence during the May Half Term Holidays on the following dates:

  • Tuesday 29th May- Year 7 and under & Year 10 and Year 11 Events
  • Thursday 31st May- Year 8 & Year 9 Events

To enter, you can download and save the entry form below for the age group you want to enter and send us the completed entry form by email or post. Or alternatively just give us a call to enter your child.

Year 7 and Below event:1) Year 7&below – Entry Form Tues 29th May 2018

Year 8 & Year 9 event:2)Year 8&9-Entry Form Thurs 31st May 2018

Year 10 & Year 11 event:3)Year 10&11-Entry Form Tues 29th May 2018

Please remember that we can’t accept a doubles entry without both players submitting a form. Deadline for the Year 7 and Below event and Year 10 & Year 11 event is SUNDAY 27th May at noon and for the Year 8 & Year 9 is TUESDAY 29th May at noon.