Please note that the following sessions will not be taking place over the next 10 days:

  • Thursday 2nd November 2017     Smashers (Juniors):      4-5pm
  • Thursday 2nd November 2017     Sharks (Juniors):            5-7pm
  • Friday 3rd November 2017:          Improvers (Adult):          6-7pm
  • Friday 3rd November 2017:          Pay and Play (Adult):      7-9pm
  • Saturday 4th November 2017:      Smashers (Juniors):       2-3pm
  • Saturday 4th November 2017:       Sharks (Juniors):            3-5pm
  • Saturday 11th November 2017:      Smashers (Juniors):       2-3pm
  • Saturday 11th November 2017:      Sharks (Juniors):             3-5pm

To replace the junior sessions on the 11th November we will be running the following sessions as a one-off:

  • Sunday 12th November 2017:       Smashers (Juniors):       2-3pm
  • Sunday 12th November 2017:       Sharks (Juniors):             3-5pm